A flat service fee of 0 percent of the amount of cryptocurrency being traded will be charged.

Network fees will automatically be deducted from transactions. These fees are dynamic and change based on the current network state. All trades are performed on-chain.

Safe Trading Tips

You are responsible for your own safety when engaging in a transaction.

Here are some tips to help you trade safely:

  • Meet in a public location such as a coffee shop.
  • Meet during daylight hours.
  • Wait for unconfirmed transactions receive at least 1 confirm.

What are the differences between Passphrase only or Generate keys and select a passphrase during the sign-up process?

Passphrase only

A public and private key are generated for you.

Generate keys and select a passphrase

A public and private key are generated in the web browser for you to download. Your private key is never stored on our server. To decrypt messages you will need to upload your private key and enter your passphrase.

Changing your account passphrase does not change your PGP keys. If you lose your PGP keys you will not be able to decrypt messages.

PGP tutorials and resources

What is Auto-withdraw?

When a trade is completed the cryptocurrency is immediately sent to your external cryptocurrency wallet. This helps increase security while saving you time and money.

Security precaution - verify our SSL certificate

Uploading private keys to any website is potentially dangerous and may put your data at risk. If you chose to upload your private PGP key to conveniently decrypt your messages always check the SSL certificate of this website in your browser.

Your SSL certificate must match the following information:

Save this information to check against on every visit. If any information has changed, beware.

Do you have a .onion site / Tor hidden service?

Visit http://localparworkkozbsm7hrvpddlzirt3kff5fcy7vg6bj73re4eo6xbad.onion in your Tor connected browser.

We also offer a mirror of Particl's official website accessible over tor at How can I make my Particl Desktop wallet sync faster? offer high-availability servers in multiple locations to help improve performance of the Particl blockchain network.

Europe (tor: eunodeahvjek3s2ps54xruh5e477vn2wuuw4x5otzpese7hnrlcvanyd.onion)

North America (tor: nanodedlvzj6sn4zhpos6mcmikolgl3vbldtzhkgfqbqcbxtwrktw2id.onion)

Asia (tor: asnodebkcnglbmycscrrwrgyo2sjz3hmnkhanpxqmbrh26qri6tq75qd.onion)

In your Particl Desktop console type the following command using the IP address is closest to your location.

addnode add

Or edit your particl.conf and add the IP address closest to your location.